Nessy Games Player Review

This was written by a parent of a child attending The 3D Centre:

We bought Megan the Nessy Games Player hoping to help her with her reading and spelling. Unlike her other educational games this one keeps Megan’s attention, she loves completing the tasks so that she can feed the little Ness and watch him grow. When she started using it she was very slow spelling out the words on the keyboard and often spelt them wrong. After just one week she can spell all the 3-letter words correctly and also the 4 letter ‘ch’ words. Her speed on the keyboard has increased and she is able to use the game without help and support from us. She enjoys the game so much she is never off it, putting it on as soon as she gets home from school. We have spent a lot of money on things we thought would help her in the past but this is by far the best. It is the best £20 we have ever spent and would definitely recommend it to others.