3D Centre Services Overview

Diagnostic assessment by a Specialist Teacher: £320

This assessment requires attendance at one session for approximately 2½ hours. It will examine reading, spelling, phonological awareness, processing speed, short term and working memory, speed of writing and a test of general ability (intelligence). A report will be provided with recommendations.

For a few children who have more complex difficulties, as indicated by the results of initial testing, more extensive assessment may be recommended. This will examine any or all of maths ability, oral language, listening and co-ordination and will further explore any of the areas in the initial assessment in greater depth. The cost for this session will be a further £120.

Assessment for GCSE Access Arrangements (with the approval of the school): £120

Please contact me for school-based costs for groups of students.

Coloured Overlay Assessment: £25

Many people find that the glare of white paper makes print appear blurred.  Reading speed and fluency often improve when using a coloured plastic filter over the page.  Assessment takes approximately 30 minutes.  Coloured overlays are available for purchase.

Handwriting Tuition

For many pupils their progress in school is hindered by slow or illegible handwriting. This can affect the outcome of exam results. Dr Mary Howard administers the tutor register for the National Handwriting Association and is a member of the executive committee.  She is also a tutor and offers individual handwriting tuition in sessions after school. Pupils are usually seen at intervals of two or three weeks and are given exercises to practice at home, although we are investigating the possibility of lessons by Skype after the initial assessment.   The cost for this is £40 for a one-hour consultation with follow-up sessions, if required, at £25 for 45 minutes.