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Nessy Games Player Nessy Games Player

Brilliant multi-sensory reading and spelling games.
Highly motivating for children - £20.

Click here to a read review written by a parent.



Spring Opening Scissors
Spring-opening Scissors
for children learning to cut. £2
Addition and Fraction Squares.
£2.50 each.
Reading Ruler
Reading Rulers
Makes print clearer to read.
Available in blue, jade, orange and magenta yellow, pink, grass green, celery, purple and sea blue.

£1.20 each.
Coloured Overlays

Coloured Overlays

We stock overlays by Irlen (£6), The Institute of Optometry (£6) and Crossbow (£3.50).



Pencil Grips - many different shapes and sizes from different suppliers to help promote correct pencil grip. Click images for a larger version.
Stubbi  Pencil Grips

Stubbi: £1

Cross Guard Pencil Grip

Cross Guard Ultra: £2

Promotes correct grip by preventing the thumb and fingers crossing over.

Ultra Pencil Grip

Ultra: £2
Large Ultra: £2.50

Grotto Grip

Grotto Grip



HandiWriter - £4.95

Soft purple wristband with a dolphin charm.


coloured exercise books

Exercise books with coloured pages - for pupils who find white paper dazzling

Exercise books with 10mm lines for writing or 10mm squares for maths work. 48 pages in 7 colours: Aqua, Sky Blue, Purple, Green, Pink, Yellow or Orange.

£1.90 each

Games & Activities

Snap Cards
(Click for larger version)
Literacy and numeracy card games
For playing snap and pairs to develop basic literacy and numeracy skills in a fun way. Great for presents!

Sets available: First words (c-v-c), Making Words, UK money, Telling the Time, Maths (+ - x  ÷), Times Tables (Easy – 5s & 10s or harder, includes 3s, 4s, 5s & 6s up to 6x6), Fractions and Percentages and Music – recognising notes in treble and bass clef and on the keyboard.

£3.95 each

Talking Tins

Records and plays back a message of up to 40 seconds long to help develop speaking and listening skills. Built in magnets on the back allow attachment to any steel object. Also features a lock function to prevent accidental re-recording.

£6.50 each


Featured Books:

Please contact us for postage rates, charged at cost.

Ready Steady go to PE
"Ready Steady go to PE" - £5
Look See Know and Undewrstand
"Look, See... Know and Understand" - £5
Hand Skills

"Assessment and Activities for Hand Skills and Fine Motor Development - £5

A selection of books from our shop:

Muter ‘Dyslexia: a Parent’s Guide to Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and other Learning Difficulties" 
by Valeria Muter & Helen Likierman – £10.99.
Highly recommended.
Ace Dictionary (New Edition)
Ace (Aurally Coded English) Dictionary (New Edition) - £12.99
Assessment Guidance for Access Arrangements – Preparing for KS2 and KS3 National Curriculum Tests (SATS) by Caroline Read - £5
The Practical Guide to Revision
The Practical Guide to Revision Techniques by Simon Percival - £5.99
100 Ideas for Supporting Pupils with Dyslexia
100 Ideas for Supporting Pupils with Dyslexia
by Gavin Reid - £11.99
100 Ideas for Supporting Pupils with Dyspraxia and DCD 100 Ideas for Supporting Pupils with Dyspraxia and DCD
by Amanda Kirby and Lynne Peters - £11.99
The Teaching Assistants Guide To Dyspraixia
The Teaching Assistant’s Guide to Dyspraxia - £13.99
The Teaching Assistants Guide To Autustuc Spectrum Disorders
The Teaching Assistant’s Guide to Autistic Spectrum Disorders - £12.99
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